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Samalite Head Torches and Led Head Torches

Rechargeable LED Head Torches

The Samalite HL Professional Head Torches range provide some of the most powerful and unique rechargeable head work lights for industry in the world.

Head torches are perfect for when you need lighting on the go. You could use an average torch but this would occupy at least one of your hands. There are many scenarios that require illumination whilst freeing up your hands. The rechargeable head torches and high powered LED head torches that we provide have in the past proved invaluable for search and rescue operations and many more emergency and non emergency situations, giving the user the right tool for the job.

Samalite offer a choice of rechargeable head torches and high powered LED head torches that feature a choice of interchangeable heads that result in different beams, spot, wide and flood beam.








Lightweight LED Head Torches

Long lasting light output that does not degrade over time. Head torches from Samalite work well in both leisure and emergency situations. Each Samalite rechargeable head torch is supplied with a mains charger that can even be left on charge without any penalty over time to the battery life and condition.

With the headset weighing an average of only 150g, combined with the fully adjustable strap makes it very comfortable to wear for long periods, also the headband is made to include ventilation slots to reduce sweating. The head torch itself is also adjustable up and down allowing you to quickly position your light for versatility and optimum lighting effect.

The tough Polypropylene headband and shatterproof polycarbonate lens make our rechargeable head torches robust enough for industry whilst at the same time lightweight and comfortable.

Rechargeable head torches and high powered LED head torches are ideal for leisure activities such as fishing and camping as well as being an invaluable tool for industries. Samalite head torches are an ideal way of illuminating an area in which you need to work by giving clarity to view whilst at the same time allowing you freedom of both hands. This is why Samalite rechargeable head torches are a welcome addition for both industry and leisure activities.

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