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eco flood 22,400 lumens
eco flood 14k64100 lumen HL3000W LED

Professional Rechargeable Work Lights

SMP Electronics specialise in the design and
manufacturing of SAMALITE professional LED
Rechargeable Lighting, Site Lights, Work Lights,
LED Rechargeable Floodlights, Flashlights, Torches,
Head Torches, Portable Floodlights,
Area Lighting and LED Searchlights.

Using the latest state of the art Lithium-Ion Battery
technology, Samalite LED portable lighting products
provide some of the most innovative maintenance-free,
compact, ultra-lightweight high-powered, LED lighting systems in the world.

Chosen by some of the world’s most renowned organisations
as their preferred rechargeable work light,
site lights or emergency light equipment.

  • Samalite head torches were developed for industry to provide hands free, powerful lighting for any situation, so you can concentrate on your task and not worry about lighting at all.

    Lightweight and tough, our head torches are comfortable and come with an adjustable strap for a perfect fit. Ideal for inspection or security use, our head torches use the latest LED technology to provide strong, powerful light for up to 29 hours, allowing you to get on with your work when you need to most.

    Samalite head torches are among the most powerful head torches in the industry, and are an ideal choice for the Emergency Services, Police and Rail Infrastructure.

    There are three different beams available on our head torches: Flood, Spot and Wide giving a unique 180 degrees of shadow free light. The three types of head styles are all interchangeable and can be changed as required for different types of work.

    All of our head torches have the option of including a heavy duty lightweight Power Belt, which includes the IP65 rated battery pack and adjustable quick release belt, and the LED head torches can also run on the new lightweight Lithium-Ion batteries, and all include the intelligent chargers to look after and prolong the life of the batteries.

    Other accessories for the head torches are available, including hard hats with brackets, vehicle chargers and storage cases.

  • Portable Floodlights are a necessity when working in dark areas or at night. Samalite portable floodlights are versatile, durable and provide up to 29 hours of powerful continuous light, making them ideal for industrial and emergency use. A maintenance free battery makes these floodlights incredibly easy to use, in addition to their compact design and Ultra-light weight.

    The detachable telescopic flood heads with there true 180 degree anti-glare beams make our portable floodlights incredibly versatile. Samalite floodlights use powerful LED lights which can provide up to 22,400 Lumens of bright light, making them the ideal choice for lighting a large area.

    Our portable floodlights are built from polyurethane casings and use a shatterproof polycarbonate lens to ensure solidity and durability. All models are IP65 rated, and are frost, heat, water and fuel resistant.

    Accessories such as a storage charging case and tripod stands are available, so you can get maximum usage out of our portable floodlights. Our Samalite portable floodlights are among the best on the market, and are used by authorities such as the police, paramedics, security firms and the Ministry of Defence.

  • Samalite has a range of portable lighting available for both domestic and industrial users. From floodlights to searchlights, flashlights to head torches, Samalite has the perfect portable lighting product to suit your needs.

    All of our portable lighting is compact, lightweight and incredibly durable. Built with impact resistant polyurethane for strength and polycarbonate shatterproof lenses, our portable lighting is completely weatherproof, IP65 rated heat water and fuel resistant.

    Our portable lighting is maintenance free and can provide up to 29 hours of continuous light, depending on the model and strength of light used. Most of all of our portable lighting uses the latest in LED and Lithium-Ion battery technology to provide powerful lighting for optimum visibility and clarity.

    Samalite portable lighting is used by a variety of authorities across the world including the UN, the Ministry of Defence, police, emergency services, rail companies, security firms and many more.

    Our portable lighting is one of the number one products in the industry. Versatile, lightweight, powerful and compact, with a range of accessories available, Samalite is the only company you need for all your portable lighting requirements.

  • Searchlights are a common, everyday tool. Whether it’s for walking at night or for use at work, flashlights are also an essential part of everyday life.

    The new Samalite ultra lightweight, high powered searchlights are incredibly powerful, providing up to 4600 lumens with a 1300m beam, and light for up to 12 hours. Some weighing less than 1kg and rated IP65, heat, water and fuel resistant, Samalite flashlights are unbeatable for quality and power. Completely weatherproof, strong and durable, our flashlights are used by the Ministry of Defence, Utilities, Police and Railway companies.

    LED Searchlights can either have a spot or flood beam, depending on its intended purpose. Spot beams give greater distance and a tighter focus on one place whereas flood beams give a larger field of light for closer inspection work.
    Vehicle chargers are also available for our searchlights, making charging even more convenient.

    Our flashlights are built with industry in mind using impact resistant polyurethane casings and polycarbonate shatterproof lenses for optimum strength and durability. Samalite is the only company you need for powerful, reliable flashlights which are built to last.

  • Samalite rechargeable lighting is ideal for use on the go or in remote locations where lighting is essential and there is no access to power. Providing instant and powerful light, our rechargeable lighting is durable and reliable. We have a wide selection of rechargeable lighting which can be used for just about anything, from police lighting to area lighting.

    Our compact and ultra-lightweight rechargeable lights are perfect for industrial, domestic or professional use. Made from high-impact resistant polyurethane casings and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, our rechargeable lights are weatherproof and built to last. Powerful LED lights allow our floodlights and searchlights to provide anti-glare, shadow free lighting for over 8 hours, making them ideal for heavy duty usage.

    Samalite rechargeable lighting products are completely reliable and effective, making them the no.1 choice for lighting in many industries across the world, including:

    Where lighting is crucial, Samalite portable floodlights and rechargeable lighting systems are the only choice you need.

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