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High Powered rechargeable sports floodlights
22,400 Lumens with 3 hours runtime

Rechargeable Sports floodlights for equine and Sports training grounds etc.

Offers a Real alternative to mains or generator powered lights !

Eco Flood Sport
  • Eco-Flood Sport

    This amazing new lightweight portable floodlight system uses the Superior non-memory lightweight Lithium-Ion battery technology giving a product weight of only 2.67kg and years of maintenance-free use. The Samalite Eco-Flood Sport can be easily transported by foot and set up in seconds, capable of floodlighting large areas outside or rooms for working in.
    The Samalite floodlight provides a cost saving alternative to mains or generator powered lighting and is ideal for, Equine, Sports training grounds, Marquees, Garden events, Work lights, and general use.
    Each Samalite is rated IP65, fully weatherproof, frost, heat, water and fuel resistant with a high impact polyurethane body and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.

    Torch-eco-flood-222-compressor (1)



    Base Unit: L 21 x W 13 x H 17cm

    Flood: L 17 X  H 12.5cm

    Tripod Stand with Light Extends: 1.05m – 2.6m

    Samalite Eco-Flood Sport

    Weight: 2.67kg

    Tripod Stand Weight 2.5kg

    Battery: High Output Lithium-Ion

    High Performance Cree LEDs  6500kLED



    Detachable telescopic floodlight

    High 22,400 Lumens 3 Hours

    Middle 16,200 Lumens 5 Hours

    Low 10000 Lumens 8.5 Hours

    Recharge time 6 Hours

  • Benefits:

    High Powered 22,400 Lumens LED Floodlight

    Continuous 22,400 Lumens of light for 3 Hours

    Comes with Extendable Tripod Stand

    Environmentally Friendly

    Eliminate Carbon Emissions

    Portable Lighting Unit only weighs 2.67kg

    Tripod Stand 2.5kg

    Complete kit can be easily carried single handedly by one person

    Rapid deployment only 48 seconds

    No Noise, Silent Operation when used in Urban areas

    No Hazardous heat produced

    Completely Maintenance free

    Floodlight with true 180 degree anti-glare beam

    High Output Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

    High performance Shock resistant Cree LED’s 50,000 hours life

    3 Light Levels to choose from with continuous light for over 8.5 hours

    Tripod Stand stable over uneven-ground and in strong winds

    High Impact Polyurethane casing

    Shatterproof Polycarbonate lenses

    Tough Compact Ultra-lightweight ergonomic design

    Multiple Samalite site lighting kits can be carried by a car safely

    Rated IP65 – fully weather proof, heat, frost and fuel resistant

    Floodlight head rotates 360 degrees and moves up & down

    Operates in extreme temperatures – 40 – +50c

    Recharge from mains AC or (optional) vehicle DC charger

    Product available in Yellow or Black

    Intelligent mains charger to prolong the battery life

    Samalite can easily be manoeuvred to a different location with one hand while light still switched on

    New Non-conductive Fiberglass Detachable Telescopic arm for floodlight

    Optional choice of Back up battery units available to extend 22,400 Lumens run time for a further 3 or 6 hours

    Accessories available to enhance versatility of product, Storage Charging Case, Canvass Holdall, Storage operating Bracket, Tripod Stand Tilting Bracket, Vehicle Charger, Stability Bags and Guide strings available for use in adverse weather and situations, Remote Control Light Switching ON & OFF.

  • SAMALITE Eco-Flood Sport Accessories



    HD211 Storage/
    Charging Case

    CAT/PAD No. 0050/000702

    NATO Stock No. 6210-99-448-8213

    A tough polypropylene, foam filled case, allowing storage of lamp and attachments, enabling you to charge the unit while it is being stored or transported.


    VCLi-16.8 Vehicle Charger

    12v-24v Vehicle Charger with battery charge indicator.

    Charge time 10 hours.

    HD213B Storage Bracket

    Bracket can be mounted to a flat surface by either base or side wall.
    Also available in Black.


    NATO Stock No. 6230-99-819-0796

    Lightweight Sturdy Aluminium stand with lockable height adjustment from 1.05m to 2.9m (with Eco-Flood) weighing only 3.3kg.
    Comes complete with unique 180 degree Tilting Bracket and Storage Bag.
    Can be used with any Floodlight or Searchlight and takes only 30 seconds to erect from bag.

    HD212 Canvas Holdall

    CAT/PAD No. URLT/009278

    Water resistant, polyester holdall with rubber base and shoulder strap, comes with compartments for the lamp and attachments which can be operated while in the holdall.
    Available in Yellow or Green with reflective safety strips to side.


  • Product Gallery:


    Images of Horse Manege using 2,3 & 4 lighting units, and Sports Training Ground using 8 & 10 units

    Click on image to enlarge















 eco flood Sport stand

The Samalite Eco-Flood Sport
comes complete with
telescopic flood light attachment, 
mains charger, 10 amp spare safety fuse. and TS200 Tripod Stand

Available in Yellow or Black

180 Degree Floodlight Beam

Eco-Flood Sport 180 Degree Beam

eco flood on stand

Used by:
Rugby and Football Clubs
Athletics and Sports
MOD, Police, Utilities,
Emergency Services,
Rapid Response Units,
Horse Exercise and Training arena,
Rugby & Football Fitness and Training area,
Emergency scene lighting,
Road side accidents, Crime Scenes,
Tunnel and Track Inspections,
Maintenance Work

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