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Samalite Portable Lighting Products – FAQ’s

SMP Electronics offer a full overhaul and repair service,
please contact us for further advice.

My SAMALITEdoes not charge.

Check the fuse.

Check you are using the correct charger for your Samalite.

Battery may need replacing

My SAMALITE does not light up.

Check the fuse.

Recharge fully.

Bulb may be loose or may need replacing

My SAMALITE only lights up on one bulb. Bulb may be loose or may need replacing
How long can I leave my SAMALITE on charge for? All SAMALITE chargers are designed to be left on continuously without harming the battery.
How often should I charge mySAMALITE ?

You should recharge your SAMALITE fully after every use or part use. You should never leave or store your SAMALITE in a discharged state. Failure to comply may result in battery not accepting charge.

You can leave your SAMALITE on charge all the time you are not using it. If you are storing your SAMALITE for long periods you should recharge it fully every 2-3 months to maintain battery condition.

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