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Rechargeable Floodlights

Portable floodlight and rescue lights for Land Based Search & Rescue and Mountain Rescue teams assist people in many varied environments day and night. From caves to rugged mountain faces in treacherous conditions, search and rescue equipment is carried in […]

Head Torch

Samalite is pleased to share the great news that a Samalite head torch has been instrumental in catching a rare fish. The catch was made in the evening of September 15th at a match in the Samalite sponsored Fishing League […]

Rescue Lights

High quality Emergency lighting equipment and rescue lights are a must for all rescue workers. With radical shifts in weather patterns across the world, natural disasters are becoming more frequent which unfortunately has meant more severe floods, tsunamis and earthquakes. […]


Have problems finding the right light that is reliable and can adapt to different fishing environments? Now there are fishing lights on the market that will put an end to all those problems and give you real stress free fishing […]


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