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Head Torch Helps to Catch Rare Fish

Samalite is pleased to share the great news that a Samalite head torch has been instrumental in catching a rare fish. The catch was made in the evening of September 15th at a match in the Samalite sponsored Fishing League in Cogden.

Samalite League member James Lane was the one who made the catch and just by looking at that terrific picture, you can tell just how delighted he was. We bet he’s glad he uses a Samalite head torch!

The catch was a John Dory, an extremely rare fish, known for its olive yellow body and big ‘evil eye’ dark spot which flashes when danger approaches. With its large eyes it has bifocal vision and depth perception, vitally important for predators of its type.

If it’s ever seen, it’s on the coasts of South East Asia, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Africa and the warmer climes of southern Europe. They live near the seabed, often between the depths of 5 metres (15 ft) and 360 metres (1200ft), which makes news of the catch even more remarkable.

Many of the fishermen who take part in the league have used the Samalite range of rechargeable lighting and head torches so it’s now easy to see why. With SMP Electronics producing LED and Lithium-Ion products, fishermen love using the high powered LED versions with Lithium powered batteries which allows them better visibility, ideal for catching a rare fish like the John Dory.

A proud sponsor of the league for over 3 years, Samalite are delighted with how the league has grown and are honoured to contribute £3,000 worth of Samalite products to the prize table every year.

The Samalite league matches take place once a month, with a yearly league membership costing only £25 and the match entry £10, plus a £1 pool for the heaviest fish.

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