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Fishing Lights from Samalite – A Real Catch

Have problems finding the right light that is reliable and can adapt to different fishing environments? Now there are fishing lights on the market that will put an end to all those problems and give you real stress free fishing – high powered head torches that can be worn on your head comfortably, light in weight, that lights every time, is robust and portable, rechargeable on the move or from mains electricity at home. LED head torches give maintenance free lighting for all purposes from base camp light to lighting rod tips.

Samalite’s rechargeable head torches and high powered head torches are truly a five star advance in night fishing and for fishing lights. All our rechargeable head torches and LED head torches are weatherproof and some are IP65 rated. Tough enough for industry but light enough for comfort weighing only 150g, they can be worn on their own or on a hard hat and are easily adjusted for a perfect fit. The light itself can also be adjusted upwards or downwards to suit your needs.

The rechargeable head torches with wide beam are great for general fishing from beaches and breakwaters. On low power they are perfect for baiting up, mid power for general work and high power is best for landing fish and as base camp light.

Fishing Lights and Head Torches for Rock, Beach and Pier Sea Fishing

The high powered head torches with flood beam have a more concentrated light and peripheral light which is good for picking out fish either in the surf or from rocks in a good swell, and for spotting buoys. These fishing lights are perfect for rock fishing as they have a long range beam as well as a pool of light in front of you lighting the immediate ground in front of you making rock fishing that much safer when you’re working close to rock edges or walking on very uneven ground. Bulb and LED head torches are available whether as a base camp light or lighting rod tips.

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