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Emergency Lighting from Samalite

High quality Emergency lighting equipment and rescue lights are a must for all rescue workers. With radical shifts in weather patterns across the world, natural disasters are becoming more frequent which unfortunately has meant more severe floods, tsunamis and earthquakes. With this in mind more countries and organizations are implementing disaster management plans which include provisions for disaster response as well as disaster support, emergency shelters and emergency lighting equipment.

Rescue Lights

Samalite Professional Rechargeable Floodlights and LED Head Torches have been used for emergency lighting equipment by Rescue teams across the world for many years including teams working for the UN. The LED head torches provide hands free light in awkward environments and are invaluable for the initial disaster response stage where teams are far more mobile. The Samalite HL1300W13 with its 1400Lumen output is the most unique powerful, robust and lightweight head torch available.

When teams are less mobile or are moving to the disaster support stage the Samalite Professional Rechargeable Floodlights become the emergency rescue lights of choice. Each Samalite is heat, water and fuel resistant with a high impact polyurethane body and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. With the maintenance free Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, high performance Cree LED’s 50,000 hours life and tough compact ultra-lightweight ergonomic design, the Samalites are all IP65 rated and fully weather proof. For rapid deployment the area lighting units operate silently as well as being lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

Rescue Emergency Lighting, Professional Rechargeable Floodlights and LED Head Torches

The Samalite HD200 range, especially the lead acid power and area lighting units, are a vital piece of equipment for emergency shelters. The Power and Lighting unit not only provides a choice of rescue lights but also powers most 12 volt equipment such as mobile phones which can be a real life line. These units can be left on charge permanently in the emergency shelters or other building which ensures that when all else fails the power and lighting unit will be fully charged and ready to go giving up to 29 hours of light. The light can then be recharged using a vehicle charger or Solar panels.

Samalite area lighting units,  searchlights and head torches are the rescue light of choice for Emergency Rescue and disaster support.

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