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BS6V6 SUPER BULB 6V x 6W, (120 lumens)
BS6V10 SUPER BULB 6V x 10W, (210 lumens)
BS6V15 SUPER BULB 6V x 15W, (300 lumens)
BS6V20 SUPER BULB 6V x 20W, (475 lumens)
BS6V30 SUPER BULB 6V x 30W, (765 lumens)
B12V10 STANDARD BULB 12V x 10W, (160 lumens)
BS12V20 SUPER BULB 12V x 20W, (450 lumens)
MCLA12 Mains Charger (HD200 Lead Acid)
MCLA12E Mains Charger (HD200 Lead Acid) Euro
MCNN12 Mains Charger (for 12v Nicad/Nickel Metal Hydride)
MCNN6 Mains Charger (for 6v Nicad/Nickel Metal Hydride)
LA200 Replacement Battery (HD200 Lead Acid)
F10A 10 amp Fuses (Box of Ten)
F4A 5 amp Fuses (Box of Ten)
CCLAI2 Car Charging Lead (HD200 Lead Acid)
PALI2 Power Accessory Lead (HD200 Lead Acid)
PT001 Thread Boss
PT002 Metal Insert
PT003 Switch (Toggle type)
PT004 Switch (Rocker type)
PT005 Weather Boot
PT006 Fuse Holder
PT007 Lens (Torch Lens)
PT008 Lens (Flood Lens)
PT009 Shoulder Strap
PT010 Samalite Case both sides (Pair)
PT011 Samalite Case Pkt (7 Screws)
PT012 Torch Reflector with Bulb Holders
PT013 Flood Reflector with Bulb Holders
PT014 Gasket (Weather Seal)
PT015 Red & Black Power Sockets (Pair)
PT016 Charge Jack Socket
PT017 Charge Jack Plug
PT018 Warning/Lamp Labels
PT019 Telescopic Arm Assemble
PT020 Flood Case
PT023 Foam Insert for HD211 Storage Case
PT024 Coiled Cable & Jack Plug
PT025 Plastic Arm Sleeve

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