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Professional Head Torches for Pest Control

Professional portable lighting and head torches form an important part of pest control equipment and pest control supplies, when stocking up with professional equipment or pest control supplies don’t forget the lights!  Bugs and rodents are often keen on darker places and with the shorter days in winter there is less daylight to see them! With rats and other pests that are nocturnal and extremely agile, catching them as quickly as possible is imperative.



LED Portable Lighting

SMP Electronics manufactures Samalite LED portable lighting which is perfect for professional and DIY pest controllers. With a wide range of tough and robust professional portable lighting products, SMP can provide professional portable lighting for a whole variety of situations and environments from LED portable lighting with floodlights or searchlights to  LED head torches.




LED Head Torch

LED Head Torches

If it is necessary to move things around to find the culprit then Samalite LED Head Torches are perfect for the job and essential as a piece of pest control equipment.  The lightweight weatherproof headsets weigh only 150g and the headband is made from tough ergonomic polypropylene with ventilation slots to prevent sweating and adjustable straps for maximum comfort.

Not only comfortable but high performing durable Samalite LED head torches have shatterproof polycarbonate lens, a choice of lightweight robust batteries, high powered spot or flood beams and intelligent mains chargers so that the lamps can be left on continuous charge and therefore always ready for use.

Professional equipment containing LED portable lighting gives the user the flexibility to work at any time of day in any place however awkward. Having professional equipment that is ready to use at all times as it can be kept on continuous charge by mains electricity or from a vehicle has to be a must on the list of pest control supplies. If the pest controllers work 24/7 make sure that the pest control equipment can too.

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