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Lightweight and Compact Portable Floodlights

Floodlights are the perfect lighting solution when you need to illuminate large areas. For this reason they are popular for use during sports matches, concerts and much more. But it’s not just for recreational areas. Floodlights are perfect for lighting up areas where extra visibility is needed and hands free to get on with the job at hand. But what if there is no source of power where you need this form of lighting. That is where Samalite’s range of rechargeable portable floodlights proves invaluable.

Perfect industrial and General Use

Winter is creeping in and we are starting to see shorter days and longer hours of darkness, this makes certain jobs and responsibilities difficult in places where there is no power source. The list is almost endless when it comes to when portable floodlighting proves useful. Crime scene investigation, emergency response, and vehicle recovery are just a few examples of where Samalite’s floodlights have helped out immensely.

Portable floodlights feature high powered LEDs, this means that the 180’ beam emitted from the unit is true white, up to 850 lumens and because LED technology consumes less energy than older conventional floodlights, continue illuminating for up to 29 continuous hours. Samalite portable floodlights are lightweight and compact to ensure these are easy to transport.

Here at Samalite we provide all manner of LED rechargeable portable lighting that has been utilised by some of the most well known and respected organisations and industries, We have worked in the past with Network rail, transport, police and security, emergency services, military forces, search and rescue, forensics and many more.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in any of the LED rechargeable portable lighting products from Samalite you can browse our website for the full scope of what we have to offer. If you would like to know more you can give us a call on 01276 855166.

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