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Shock Resistant, Waterproof LED Hazard Lights

When choosing emergency hazard lights it is important that what you choose is reliable and capable of doing the job. Here at Samalite we provide only the best quality and robust LED hazard lights on the market. These hazard lights have been successfully used in the past for traffic control, signalling, hazard awareness, vehicle safety and in the event of road side hazards.

Heavy Duty and Multi-Functional

The Samalite MagnaFlash heavy duty LED Hazard Warning Lights are multi-functional and because they feature a strong magnet this allows for convenient and quick attachment to metal surfaces such as cars, trucks and signs.

Because the MagnaFlash LED Hazard Warning Lights are manufactured in robust and shock resistant water proof rubber housing the units will float and are virtually indestructible, capable of withstanding most vehicle weights.  This makes these LED Hazard lights perfect for use as road markings.

The MagnaFlash LED Hazard Lights come in a range of available colours, red, amber, yellow, green, blue, white, infra red and mixed colours. There are 9 lighting modes available that includes steady on, SOS rescue, single blink, alternating blinks, rotate and Quad flash. LED based lighting sources are not only energy efficient but they are also high in luminous efficacy.  The low maintenance Li-ion battery with the LED Hazard Light units can be left in a discharged state for as long as you like without worrying about any damage to the battery and battery life.

When you purchase a Samalite MagnaFlash kit you will be supplied with six lighting units, a storage charging case and mains and vehicle charger. The units are charged within the storage case and the featured LED charging indicator notifies you of the battery status.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in LED Hazard Lights or any other lighting products from Samalite you can contact us on 01276 855166. We also have a range of versatile and unique LED Portable Floodlights.

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