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Samalite’s Rechargeable Head Torches

If you’re ever in need of lighting while on the go, Samalite’s rechargeable head torches are an ideal solution. These rechargeable head torches have been designed to allow hands-free lighting whenever you need it. The head torches are available in high powered LED, which have proven invaluable for many emergency and non-emergency situations. Samalite offers a variation of head torches to cater for all of your needs.  With winter upon us, head torches could be coming a more frequently used appliance, whether you’re working late and require both of your hands to get the job finished faster, or you need it for your occupation, Samalite’s rechargeable head torches could be the ideal option. These rechargeable head torches are available in a range of beams, including; the spot beam, the wide beam and the flood beam. Each of these options has been made available for consumers, so that Samalite can be your one-stop solution for lighting.

Useful Rechargeable Work lights

Samalite offers a massive variation of work light solutions, which have been designed to meet the needs of a number of working environments. Variations of Samalite’s work lights are available to suit every job. Being a mechanic can be a hazardous job, which can have serious consequences, when not completed with care. Samalite offers rechargeable headlights, which are an ideal work light for people like mechanics. Rechargeable work light models are often used by the emergency services, due to their sufficient portability and quality lighting. Samalite’s rechargeable portable light offers up to 8 hours of lighting, providing you with a light source you can rely on. Farmers across the UK are struggling with the lack of power sources at their disposable. Just think of how many farmers could benefit from our portable rechargeable work lights when making emergency repairs, or just standard maintenance work. It is important for a company to purchase the right work lights for use on site, taking into account the quality of the light, the ease of use and the energy consumption. With Samalite’s rechargeable work lights, you can be assured we offer the best quality lighting available and a long lasting energy source, which can be recharged from any electricity mains or vehicle.

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If you would like to find out more information regarding either Samalite’s rechargeable head torches, or the variation of work lights we have to offer. You can browse our webpage or give us a call on 01276 855166.

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