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Brighter & Whiter LED Rechargeable Floodlights

We are fast approaching Samalite’s busiest time of year. Days are getting shorter; nights are getting longer so it stands to reason that we are starting to see an influx of business from people and organisations needing portable lighting such as LED rechargeable floodlights.

The Latest in LED and Lithium Ion Battery Technology

Filament bulb floodlights were the lighting of choice for many years when lighting large scale areas and did a fine job doing so for a long time. There were some downfalls to this method of lighting, one of the main bug bears was the high energy consumption of this lighting solution. A fairly recent solution of large area lighting is LED rechargeable floodlights which use a fraction of the energy consumed by conventional floodlighting. The light emitted from LED floodlights is also brighter and whiter.

Our range of LED Rechargeable floodlights includes the latest in maintenance free LED and Lithium Ion battery technology, making them energy efficient and cost effective. Although energy efficient, there is no penalty to the quality of light emitted from these units. The beam can span up to 850 metres but can be reduced for general lighting use.

Weighing as little as 1.2 kilos, these floodlights are perfect for transporting and for extra convenience can be recharged from a vehicle using the optional vehicle charger. This alone makes these LED rechargeable floodlights perfect for use when there is no local power source. And because of the portable nature of these units we manufacture them to be robust. With a high impact polyurethane body, the LED rechargeable floodlights are designed to be heat, water and fuel resistant and the polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof.

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