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Rechargeable Lights for Tunnel Inspection

Rechargeable lights, area lighting and head lamps are an essential piece of equipment for carrying  out frequent tunnel inspection to guarantee security as well as ensuring the road and rail tunnels can stand up to extreme conditions. The only way to assure this is by maintaining the tunnels in good condition with regular inspection and following through with tunnel maintenance where required.

Rechargeable Lights

Some tunnels will have restricted lighting running the length of the walls but this is very rarely sufficient for tunnel inspection and tunnel maintenance crews to carry out their work diligently.  For this reason professional rechargeable lights are indispensable especially if they are lightweight, powerful and reliable.

Samalite area lighting and head lamps fit precisely these requirements along with the added bonus that they can be left on continuous charge when not in use to ensure maximum output at the beginning of each shift or whenever required.

There are three Samalite area lighting products all of which are IP65 rated, heat and fuel resistant, weatherproof with a high impact polyurethane body and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. They are all very lightweight with the heaviest model weighing in at 2.2kg making them very easy to carry and manoeuvre for inspection purposes as well as being ergonomically designed to be placed anywhere or attached to one of Samalite’s tripods to give extra height of up to 2.9m for floodlighting large areas.

Samalite has a new range of LED head lamps available for use in industry and these provide particularly good hands free lighting for maintenance workers.  The new range makes the most of new technologies to bring the most powerful, lightweight lights to industry with the added bonus of the Samalite quality and reliability.  Samalite’s professional rechargeable lights provide industry with some of the most powerful head lamps with the longest run times available to industry.

There is also a number of accessories available from storage charging cases, vehicle chargers, telescopic tripods etc. to enhance the usability of Samalite rechargeable lights.

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