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Portable Site Lighting to cater for all your needs

Lighting is an important component to every site; it is of paramount importance to assess the type of lighting you require and the quality of that lighting before you purchase it. Samalite now offers portable site lighting, which is already being used in a number of different industries like; the MOD, the police, railway companies, rapid response units and forensics. Samalite offers a variation of portable site lighting from floodlights to search lights, flashlights to head torches. Whether you work on a construction site or on a farm, Samalite’s portable site lighting is able to suit all of your needs. Our portable site lighting is maintenance free and can provide you with a continuous light for up to 29 hours, depending on the strength of light used and the model purchased. More importantly our portable site lighting uses the latest in LED and lithium-ion battery technology to provide you with the most efficient lighting source available today.

Powerful Portable LED Floodlights

Samalite’s portable floodlights are a unique and versatile lightweight lighting system that has been manufactured to cater for all of your needs. These portable LED floodlights provide one of the most powerful hands-free light sources available. Portable LED floodlights are designed to withstand the elements and are distributed to a number of industries for a variation of reasons each day. The floodlights are able to give an ultra-bright LED beam which is emitted through its LED’s. By using Samalite’s portable LED floodlights, you can be assured that the whole required area will have ample lighting. With the use of our portable lighting you will have full control over the strength of lighting emitted, on both the main unit and the detachable floodlight. Samalite’s portable LED floodlights are compact and lightweight making them easy to take with you to new sites or to simply change their position. Emergency services and vehicle recovery departments are just a couple of examples where portable floodlights become an ideal lighting source.

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If you would like to find out more about our portable lighting options or a more technical description regarding Samalite’s portable LED floodlights, you  can browse our webpage or call us today on 01276 855166. Samalite is the one stop solution for all quality lighting, catering for the needs of all industries.

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