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High Powered LED Searchlights

Samalite’s rechargeable high powered LED searchlights are maintenance free, using the latest in lithium ion battery technology. These
search lines have been designed so that they are ideal for use in such industry departments like; search and rescue, the police department, security inspections and much more. Each high powered LED searchlight is weatherproof, as well as heat and fuel resistant, with a rating of IP65. Due to the lightweight lithium batteries, carrying the search lights over long distances has proven never to be a challenge. The ultra bright high powered LED searchlights are perfect for all long range search activity. The exterior of the high powered search light has been purposely designed to withstand all kinds of environments, with a shatterproof lenses and the high impact polyurethane body. The high powered LED searchlight is available in both spot light and flood light, so it can cater to all your needs.

Samalite’s Unique Rechargeable Floodlights

Samalite’s rechargeable floodlights are a versatile and lightweight hands-free lighting system, which provides one of the most powerfully efficient torches available today. The rechargeable flood lights have been designed to be able to light up large areas, evenly, with the use of LED lighting. These floodlights are ideal for many departments, both industry and leisure. The Samalite’s floodlights produce a true 180 degree floodlight beam from its ultra bright LED. The rechargeable floodlights main unit and detachable light can both have the brightness altered to meet your requirements. The LED rechargeable floodlight comes with a maintenance free rechargeable battery that can be recharged from any mains electricity point, or for your inconvenience it can be charged from a moving vehicle. Thanks to the low energy consuming LED technology fitted into each of our rechargeable floodlights, you can enjoy lighting for up to 29 hours before having to recharge your battery.

Get in touch for more information on Samalite’s High Powered LED Searchlights and Other Portable Lighting Solutions

Here at Samalite we provide a wide range of rechargeable floodlights to cater for all types of industry uses. Each lighting system is fitted with the latest in LED technology, to provide a long lasting effective light source.

If you like the sound of Samalite’s high powered LED searchlights or their unique rechargeable floodlights, then get in touch today for more information. You can either browse our website, which is full of information regarding our products or you can phone 01276 855166 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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