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Portable LED Floodlight

SAMALITE ALU2000Li Area Lighting Unit


This amazing new portable lightweight Area Lighting system weighs in at only 1.4kg, giving hands-free floodlighting at 4100 Lumens for over seven hours at a time. Capable of floodlighting large areas or rooms for working in.

Ideal for Rapid Response Emergency lighting, or for when product weight and size is crucial.

Each Samalite HD200 is rated IP65, fully weatherproof, frost, heat, water and fuel resistant with a high impact polyurethane body and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.



CAT/PAD No. 0111/106313

NATO Stock No. 6230-99-819-0704


– High Powered 4100 Lumens Floodlight
– High powered Spot beam with peripheral light
– Floodlight with true 180 degree anti-glare beamALU-2000Li image

– Continuous light for up to 34 Hours
– Maintenance free Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
– High performance Cree LED’s 50,000hours life
– High Impact Polyurethane casing
– Shatterproof Polycarbonate lenses
– Tough Compact Ultra-lightweight ergonomic design
– Rated IP65 –  fully weather proof
New Detachable non-conductive firberglass Telescopic arm
– Spot and Flood can be used simultaneously
– Rapid deployment
– Silent Operation
– No Emissions
– No Hazardous cables or generators
– Low operating temperatures
– Recharge from mains AC or vehicle DC
– Accessories available to enhance versatility of product


Torch: L 21 x W 13 x H 17cm
( L 8½ x W 5¼ x H 6¾ inch )
Flood: L 17 X  H 12.5cm ( 6½ x  5 inch)
Flood Extends: 48.5 – 89.5cm (19 – 35 inch)
Weight: 1.4kg ( 3lbs )
Battery: Lithium-Ion  167w
Cree LEDs fitted throughout 6500k

LED Searchlight:
High Powered Spot Beam
Distance: 1250-metre
High 2800 Lumens 13+ Hours,
Middle 2000 Lumens 18+ Hours,
Low 1500 Lumens 34 Hours.

LED Floodlight:
Detachable telescopic floodlight
High 4100 Lumens 7+ Hours,
Middle 2800 Lumens 9+ Hours,
Low 1600 Lumens 11+ Hours.

Recharge time 6 Hours.

ALU 2000 Li icon

Used by:
MOD, Police, Utilities, Air Ambulance,
Emergency Services,
Search and Rescue, Railways,alu2000li kit
Rapid Response Units,
Security and Maintenance Services,
Forensics ( Scenes of Crime ).


                                            The Samalite ALU2000Li

comes complete with torch lighting unit,
telescopic flood light attachment,
mains charger and 10 amp spare safety

Available in Yellow or Black

SAMALITE ALU2000Li Accessories

HD211 Storage/
Charging Case

CAT/PAD No. 0050/000702

NATO Stock No. 6210-99-448-8213

A tough polypropylene, foam filled case, allowing storage of lamp and attachments, enabling you to charge the unit while it is being stored or transported.


CAT/PAD No. 0111/105761

Lightweight Sturdy Aluminium
stand with lockable height
adjustment from 1.05m to 2.8m
(with HD200) weighing only 2.5kg.
Comes complete with Bracket and Storage Bag.
Can be used with any HD200 or
Searchlight and takes only 30
seconds to erect from bag.


NATO Stock No. 6230-99-819-0796

Lightweight Sturdy Aluminium
stand with lockable height adjustment from 1.05m to 2.9m (with HD200) weighing only 3.3kg.
Comes complete with unique 180 degree Tilting Bracket and Storage Bag.
Can be used with any HD200 or Searchlight and takes only 30 seconds to
erect from bag.

HD212 Canvas Holdall

CAT/PAD No. URLT/009278

Water resistant, polyester holdall with rubber base and shoulder strap, comes with compartments for the lamp and attachments which can be operated while in the holdall.
Available in Yellow or Green with reflective safety strips to side.

HD212G Green Holdall

HD213B Storage Bracket

Bracket can be mounted to a flat surface by either base or side wall.
Also available in Black.

VCLi-16.8 Vehicle Charger

12v-24v Vehicle Charger with battery charge
Charge time 6 hours.


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